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What are Seller’s Perspective in property deals? |

These days buyers and sellers do not understand each other perspective because of this both open a way to wait and watch policy. Buyers often get confused by sellers behaviour. As sellers have set up hopes for better future and made minds to sell at higher prices. According to the market situation sellers are not submitting their properties to buyers at current market prices, leaving buyers perplexed.

Are sellers waiting for changes? Yes, they are but the witness is that seller’s assets are losing its value with each passing day. It has been last three years since the prices are not increasing as frequently as they should have. Buyers are facing prices stagnation due to this reason the buyer and seller price negotiation are not resulting in a movement towards the actual sale.

Sellers are getting much lesser than they were expecting earlier. They are still hopeful for a turnaround and still waiting. It is also expected that banks will pass consumers the full benefit of the rate reduced by the RBI. By this seller can expect cheaper credit and higher liquidity in near future and this can be positive for them.

Some seller makes mistake of including the third person which is the investor to sell  its property. Still some sellers are reliable on investor and this is  a big mistake done by the seller at this time. Investors exist in the market in large number and sellers mostly includes investors in selling their properties. Many sellers quit their properties without fully owning the properties value. Seller is left with no money and not even earn profits as the presence of investors led to a situation of overpricing which also lead seller out of the market.

Both buyers and sellers are looking too much on future expectations ignoring the situations of the market. Both of them should keep in mind that if in the future market grows even then growth is expected to be slow and steady.

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