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Property investment with knowledge of Vastu Shastra |

Vastu Shastra is the art of home construction in traditional Hindu System. This has been a theory of architecture and design from ancient times. This art from our ancients is being followed by our modern society as well. These days the Vastu Shastra theories are being applied and adopted by modern architectures.

Vastu is general to allocate the elements in their correct places. These 5 elements are space, air, earth, water and fire. These elements are essential because our planet has life because of the presence of these elements. It is the congenial setting of a place where you live or work. By the arrangement of these in the proper way you will open a way to enhanced wealth, prosperity and happiness.

People investing in properties also ensure that their property is designed with the concept of Vastu Shastra. Festive Season seems the best time to invest in properties. Everyone wants to increase their wealth and holdings and the best way to do it is investing in properties. Many people buy their properties but shift to their new house in some festive day or even Navratri, that also called as house warming (Grah Pravesh).

Now, we will start with the very main that is the House Entrance. The main entrance door needs a great attention. The entrance door should be the tallest door of the house and should be the superior and more beautiful than other doors of the house. Entrance door should always have a threshold and with no obstruction in front like a staircase, tree, etc.

Let’s discuss some tips which will give some directions about Vastu Shastra. First of all know about the directions that are displayed in the box below:-

These are the 8 directions which play a very important role in Vastu Shastra.

We have main 4 directions like north, south, east and west. You can choose the directions according to the benefits of its entrances.

These directions are good as:-

  • North facing entrance is god for money and career
  • South facing entrance brings prosperity, more male children and if you own an industry it will go well.
  • The west door will bring lots of wealth and unbelievable growth.
  • North-east entrance will bring peaceful and smooth life.
  • East is also meant to be the most auspicious direction for the entrance as the sun rises from the east and bring lots of positive energy with it. The North – East Direction is also an entrance to the universal energies. If your entrance has wrong placement then it will negative energies.

If you have an entrance with the south-west direction then it can bring poverty, debt and relationship problems too. A door in west-north-west can cause depression. If the entrance is south-east then your payments can be delayed.

These are Directions with some benefits and harmful effects of vastu in property. Plan wisely if you are constructing your own house or even you are purchasing a flat or apartment. You can also keep this in mind if you are taking property on rent. Keeping these all things in mind can lead you towards better and peaceful life. There are many more things about Vastu that we will discuss with you all in coming posts.

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