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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I register in Digital Premises to sell property?

You can register through a small process, you have to go to sign up page then fill your personal details like Name, email Id, password, etc. Now Admin will confirm your details and register you. Now you can sign in with your password any time.

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Q. Do I have to register before searching properties?

No, If you want to search property then there is no need to register but if you want to save your favourite property then you will need to create an account. Otherwise only seller / agent / dealers have to register themselves.

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Q. How much it will cost to register?

It will cost you nothing for registering. Its Free of cost.

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Q. How can I change my account password?

Go to account setting, then type your new password and then retype your password. You password will be changed.

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Q. How can I retrieve in case I forgot my password?

Click on Forgot Password link on the Sign In page. Provide us with email or username registered with us. Then our team will send a new password to you through email.

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Q. How can I contact to agent?

You can search for the property you like to buy or rent and contact directly to the dealer as their contact will be mentioned already.

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Q. How can I add multiple properties in list?

Go to home page then select the type of property you want (Buy, Sell & Rent). Then click on your favorites property and click on the like icon. It will be added to your favorites, like this you can add multiple property in your list to choose.

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Q. How much it will cost to add my property?

You do not have to pay any amount for adding property upto first 3 properties. After adding 3 properties you have to Contact us (0172 5098 227) or Email us (sales@digitalpremises.com).

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Q. How can I add my property?

For this, firstly you have to sign up with your credentials, then Add property icon will appear, click on that and start adding your property.

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Q. Can I search with my requirement?

Yes, you can definitely search with your requirements. Filter your requirements in advance filter section and we will display all the property accordingly.

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Q. How can I add photographs of property?

For this you have to create a dealer account which you will get from clicking on Add property. After Admin’s approval you can add property details as well as its photographs.

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Q. How can I know about details of Seller?

You can find all the details of seller/ Agent/ Dealer in property you have listed or selected as your favorite.

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Q. How can I save properties of My choice?

You can save properties your choice by clicking on them and adding it into cart. This will help you to review your choice of property afterwards.

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Q. Who is responsible for property information?

Agent/ Dealer is responsible for property information. All the information about property will be provided by dealer itself.

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Q. How can I contact to company for any query?

You can contact to company for any enquiry at : Contact Us Call us: 0172 5098227 or email us: sales@digitalpremises.com

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