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Directions with some benefits and harmful effects of vastu in property |

Vastu means Dwelling which also means home of god and humans. This Shastra from our ancient period has knowledge of the science of architecture. Vastu Shastra is all about principles of layout, design and also how to make space arrangements. It also includes ground preparations.

All want wealth, peace and prosperity in their lives. All that can be brought into your life by vastu shastra. It is very important to keep everything organised and in it best position means located at the correct place. Everything works well if every perspective of architecture is designed according to Vastu Shastra.

When you are buying a house, always try to buy a house whose room are located in suitable Vastu Zones. Each and every room has its own place and direction to be placed. Let us start with Entrance door of the house. It is meant that entrance of a house should be located in the north-east, it is the best direction which will bring your home money, peace and prosperity.

Now, comes the Drawing room and guest room. It’s the place where we welcome our guest and relatives, it should be located in the east or east-north-east vastu zones. The guest room located in this directions can bring plenty of entertainment and it will be a wonderful social gathering. You will share a fantastic time with your friends and relatives.

The Kitchen should be always situated in the south-east to south-south-east Vastu Zones. These are the best directions for the kitchen to place. By placing kitchen here, a good and tasty food will be cooked in your kitchen. Remember that the fire should be kept in the zone of fire only and also the electric heating appliances should also be placed in the south-east direction. This will make the spark of your life to burn brightly. Always avoid placing your kitchen in west-north-west, east-south-east and south-south-west Vastu Zones. These direction based kitchen can affect the health as well as mental status.

Best location for placing your Pooja room is north-east. The home devotional place placed in this direction runs a very smooth life. This direction is best for meditation also.

If you are thinking about your dining room where you can eat your meals tension free then for this the best location is West. This zone is best because it promotes gains in all areas. Here you will eat well and will also make good contacts and will look for good contacts out from them. If you really want to enjoy good times and with relaxed meals then ensure that your dining room should be facing south. This will be another best zone for the dining room.

Ideal location for a bedroom in Vastu Shastra is south, south-south-east and west. In this direction, you will enjoy a relaxed and good sleep. According to the Vastu Shastra, a newly married couples bedroom should be in north-north-west direction. The bedroom in this direction will bring happiness in their lives and their marital life will be full of pleasure. If your bedroom is facing east, it will make you more social.

Always avoid a toilet which is in the directions like north, south and west. If you have toilets in these directions then it can surely harm your prosperity, wealth, career and health. The Vastu zones for waste disposals and for any kind of negative emotions are south-south-west, west-north-west and east-south-east.

When you want study room, then specifically choose the directions like west-south-west as this zone is meant in Vastu Shastra for education and savings. This direction is the best place for children to study. If your children study in this zone then it will help them in focusing and concentration. You can also keep your iron safe with valuable things and money in this direction. This will also provide you with enhanced financial security.

Every house has a store room. without a storeroom a house is incomplete! A store room is best placed in west, north-west and west-south-west Vastu directions. This west direction is very good for storing all important documents or papers. You can also keep your iron safe here. The direction of north-west secures bank assistance and others support.

Everyone wants that their family culture values to be safe so for that the useful articles and books should be stored in the west-south-west direction. This will enhance concentration and also stores cultural values of family. Like this, there are lots of factors which can be kept in mind like bore wells, garden, water tanks, septic tanks, etc.

You can keep your checklist ready and Vastu experts can help you out about their placing. Reshuffles locations and change your colour schemes and objects placements and see how it works for you. So go ahead and prepare your house and invest in property that will make you happy.

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